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Improvising Teaching and Learning Aids in Classes of Geography in Ogun State (Nigeria) Senior Secondary School (SSS)


Aderogba, KA

Geography is a significant school subject but there are pull and push factors militating against effective teaching and learning about it at the Senior Secondary School (SSS) level of education in Ogun State (Nigeria). One of these is the death of resources. The objective of this piece is to look at the SSS Geography syllabus and suggest materials for improvisation of teaching aids. Geography of Ogun state was reviewed. WAEC, NECO and UTME syllabi were perused and specific topics of teaching and learning identified. The WAEC syllabus was tabulated into six parts and notes produced on each. Using the notes, materials from the local environment were suggested and procedures for their uses described. There is no aspect that absolutely lack materials for effective teaching and learning. Extensive use of chalk boards, chalk of various colours, pencils, Atlas maps and sketches of maps were suggested. Field works, Field Visits, Excursions and others were suggested as complementary to studying and fiddling with materials. The work also suggests use of School Van, ICT, Home Works, Projects, Assignments, Geography Laboratory and Meteorological Garden as imperative. The first two years may be traumatic and cumbersome but subsequent years will be building on the previous experiences and materials.

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