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Imposing Outstanding Care through Staff Empowerment and Engagement During the Pandemic


Ahmad AlKhaibary

Nurses and their leaders have gone through difficult times during this pandemic. They’ve suffered from finding the ultimate ways to provide the best care to their patients while the demand is increasing, the scope of service is changing and the circumstances are becoming tougher day by day. Although staff nurses are suffering physically and emotionally while doing their best to provide outstanding care to their patients, the nursing leaders are suffering as well. Nurse leaders working even harder than any time before to maintain adequate, healthy, and competent staff and making sure there are enough available resources to keep the process of care delivery going. During this presentation, there will be a highlight on the challenges faced by the nursing team and will share with peers the innovative approaches to meet the demand, prepare staff to deal with the changes in the scope of service and to cope with the increase in the turnover of the competent nurses. Moreover, strategies taken to keep staff alert, engaged, and informed will be shared. This presentation will also share with the audience how the staff nurses became the key player in the decision-making and how they had been empowered to work to their full potentials. Besides, this presentation will provide some recommendations to nursing leaders from a country that is depending highly on the expatriate nursing staff.

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