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Impacts of Training and Retraining Teachers? in Primary and post Primary Schools for Better Performance


Ntu N Nkomo* and Umulkhayr Mohamed Abdi

This paper seeks to discuss the impacts of teacher training and retraining in primary and secondary schools for a better teacher’s performance. Teacher training and retraining is defined in the paper as the continuous provision of knowledge, skill and ability that are relevant to the professional life of a teacher. Teachers' training, retaining programmers are essential aspects of developing and deliberately improving the educative process targeted at the realization of the nation goals and educational objectives. The paper focused on the benefits of teacher training and retraining to include knowledge acquisition, skills, ability, competence, development of positive attitudes among other professional benefits. Teacher training and retraining is program that equips teachers with techniques and modern pedagogy strategies that help them to better connect with, manage, and teach to their students in a manner which ensures that all students are learning and benefitting. This paper further identified that Teacher performance is an ability that shown by the teacher to performing their task or job. The performance its can be said good and satisfying if the goals that has been achieved its accordance with standards that has determined. The paper also identified some factors that can affect the performance of teachers as students’ characteristics, effective school management, infrastructure, curriculum reform and language of instruction. teachers had a positive attitude towards teacher training and its effectiveness in classroom situation including actual instruction/academic work, classroom management, evaluation procedures, assignments, and developing human relationships with students, principal, and society in general. It was recommended among others that training and retraining workshops for teachers should be considered necessary, more funds are voted for to achieve quality education, teachers be motivated and given incentives, teachers be encouraged to develop themselves.

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