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Human resource management: challenges for head teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya, a case study of Kakamega East District


Kennedy M. Wichenje, Enose M.W. Simatwa, Hellen A. Okuom and Ebbie A. Kegode

Management of human resource in public secondary schools by headteachers in Kakamega East District has raised serious concerns, leading to some of the head teachers being rejected, redeployed, penalized and physically harmed, yet human resource management is critical to schools’ ability to achieve their goals. In Kakamega East District, an average of 6 head teachers (21%) have been penalized annually because of disputes related to staff management over the last three years. The challenges for headteachers in human resource management and how to effectively cope with them in Kakamega East District were yet to be established. The purpose of this study therefore, was to establish the challenges for headteachers in human resource management in public secondary schools in Kakamega East District. The study design adopted was a descriptive survey. The study population consisted of 28 headteachers, 426 teachers and 200 support staff. Questionnaires and interview schedule were used to collect data. Quantitative data from questionnaire was analyzed using descriptive statistics in form of percentages, frequency counts and means. Qualitative data from interviews was organized into themes and sub-themes. The study established that the challenges for headteachers were: incompetent selection panels, inadequate funds, lack of qualification, interference from sponsors, community and politicians, old age, inadequate investigation of allegations and ignorance in appraisal techniques. The study concluded that challenges for headteachers were; remuneration, motivation and inadequate funds. The study recommended that: the Ministry of Education take over full payment of support staff. The findings of the study are significant to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Headteachers in devising strategies appropriate in human resource management in public secondary schools so as to minimize the challenges.

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