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How Food Safety Plays an Important Role in Food Business and Food Security


Sruthi Josyula

Food safety is a unique topic in which each and every individual is directly or indirectly very much affected. Also, on the occasion of world food day, one of the year’s motto included Food safety as a shared responsibility which means it is each and every individual’s business starting from the farmers either belonging to agriculture sector or the livestock sector, the food worker who work in warehouses, food storage facilities, production lines, processing line, food quality officers, laborers working in food industries, retailers, consumers, and many others who are a part of this food supply chain. Food being the basic essential for the survival of the living beings it is important to maintain the safety parameters as well as reducing the food wastage while acknowledging the importance of food security in order to achieve zero hunger and able to additionally provide hygienic safe food, sufficient quantity or required plate size, nutritious and healthy food to everyone, also meeting the increasing protein demands as the population is growing day by day. It is not just about providing safe and healthy food for the human being but it is also about maintaining the same standards in the entire food chain. In the present scenario, when in comparison with the earlier times

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