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Grade point average, progress test, and try out�?¢�?�?��?�?�s test as tools for curriculum evaluation and graduates�?¢�?�?��?�?� performance prediction at the national board examination.


Mardiastuti H.W. and Werdhani R.A.

Competency-based curriculum (CBC) has been introduced at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FMUI) since 2005. Afterwards, graduates should take National Board Examination (UKDI) to get the license as a general practitioner. In accordance to evaluate CBC and predict graduates’ achievement in UKDI, we used scores of Grade Point Average (GPA), Progress Test (PT) and tryout test of UKDI (TO UKDI). GPA, PT, TO UKDI and UKDI data were collected and analyzed using SPSS version 11.5. The results showed no significant difference between CBC and non-CBC graduates in obtaining these scores, except for GPA’s scores. All GPA, PT and try out test’s scores in both CBC and non-CBC graduates were correlated with UKDI’s scores. The UKDI’s result can be predicted by the following equation: 5.90 + (10.14 x GPA’s score) + (0.39 x try-out test’s score) + (0.18 x PT’s score). GPA’s scores of CBC graduates were significantly higher compared to non-CBC graduates. This may be due to the assessment, focussed on the learning process. GPA, PT and TO UKDI scores are able to predict the performance of the graduates at the UKDI. GPA, PT and TO UKDI are good instruments for curriculum evaluation and graduates’ achievement prediction at the National Board Examination.

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