�?¢�?�?��?�?From the center to the periphery�?¢�?�?��?: | 17377
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�?¢�?�?��?�?From the center to the periphery�?¢�?�?��?: an analysis of the internationalization of the public administration education field in the U.S. context


Alketa Peci

This paper reviews the internationalization process in the public administration education field within the North American context, from a historical perspective. The purpose is to identify different internationalization strategies used by the North American academy of public administration and how they have changed throughout time. Hence, a field survey was carried out based on document analysis and interviews with key players from main associations in the field. Initially, the article covers the context in which the field of education in public administration emerged, identifying contextual and structural factors that caused it to deviate from its object of study – the public administration field itself. The three internationalization cycles are analyzed below: the Comparative Public Administration movement; the institutionalization of internationalization processes and the creation of independent associations such as NISPAcee and INPAE. Finally, the paper presents some reflections on internationalization processes and their current institutional format, aiming at contextualizing them within the Latin American reality

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