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Feynman propagator, ermakov-lewis invariant and bohmian trajectories for the logarithmic nonlinear schr├?┬Âdinger-nassar equation


Jos├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬ę Maria Filardo Bassalo, Antonio Boulhosa Nassar and Mauro S├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬ęrgio Dorsa Cattani

In this paper we study the Feynman Propagator, the Ermakov-Lewis invariant and the Bohmian Trajectories for the Logarithmic Nonlinear Schrödinger-Nassar Equation, linearized along a classical trajectory, by using the quantum mechanical formalism of the de Broglie-Bohm.

DOI: 10.14303/irjesti.2014.068

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