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Female leadership stereotypes: The perception of the leadership of female heads of senior high schools in Ashanti region


Rev. Dr. Francis K. Sam, 1 Alex Marmah Amartei 2, *Benedict Osei-Owusu 3and Osei Owusu Antobre4

The study discussed the perception of the female leadership stereotypes of heads of selected Senior High Schools in Ashanti Region. A census survey was conducted to select eighty-eight heads of Senior High Schools. A descriptive survey design was employed and focused on the administering of open and closed ended questionnaires to 80 headmasters and headmistresses. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.826. SPSS was used to analyze the data and the results were presented in tables and graphs. The study revealed that majority of the respondents disagreed on all the stereotypes associated with women on traditional beliefs/practices. Moreover, family responsibility is a leading factor that impedes female advancement to attaining leadership positions. In addition, the appointment to headship was rather based on professional and academic qualification rather than on gender as the perceived stereotypes will engender. Consequently, women also need to strive to higher positions like their male colleagues.

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