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Factors Influencing the Development of Evidence-Based Practice: Survey of nurses at a tertiary care center of excellence


Gurdeep singh

Evidence-based practice demands practitioners to identify the best evidence on all areas applicable to clinical decision-making. Ministry of health in several countries decided that the health care system should be based on evidence-based practice. By overcoming the identified barriers evidence based practice can be more successfully implemented and patient’s prognosis rate can be improved. It was cross sectional study design and data was collected between 20march to 20 April 2019 By using “Developing evidence-based practice questionnaire” (DEBP). Data includes in DEBP, source of information which supports evidence-based practice (EBP) self-reported skills for managing evidence-based practice and potential barrier which are involved in EBP among nursing staff of Pakistan kidney liver institute and research center. Among nurses’ profession, almost 90% of nurses used their experienced-based knowledge collected from their own observations, and one of the major barriers to EBP was short of time to practice
EBP. However, factors like highest level of education are highly associated with evidence based practice to interpret research finding for their own practice (p-value<0.001) and understandings of statistics in EBP (p-value<0.001) was also associated with level of education highest level of education is also associated to overcoming of barriers (p-value 0.02). EBP is highly influenced by changing educational strategies with respect to the type of clinical area where worked(p-value<0.001). Age of nurses, level of education,
numbers of years of receiving last health professional degree, are positively associated with the use of resource to implement the EBP on the clinical area and also with self-reporting for associated barriers of EBP. Research skills and finding of different sources for evidence based practice were in positive association with EBP and reciprocally associated with the barriers associated with evidence-based practice.

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