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Factors Contributing to Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy among Clients in Selected Clinic in Tobruk City.


Jocelyn Oydoc Ampaguey*

Numerous studies have investigated about the risk factors for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and have indentified obesity, a family history of hypertension, alcohol intake, heart failure, stroke, and left ventricular hypertrophy and smoking as risk factors. This study determined the factors contributing to hypertensive disorder of pregnancy among clients in selected clinics in Tobruk City. The study was undertaken in three (3) health centers, namely Tobruk Medical Center, Iada Hilal, and Iada Ahmed Hussein, all located in Tobruk City. Purposive sampling was made used wherein the clients sought consultation at the said health centers and fit to the criteria were included during the conduct of the study from June 1 to 10, 2022. A total of ninety two (92) respondents of which thirty (30) were cases of hypertension in pregnancy which was considered as the case group and a total of sixty two (62) non-hypertensive pregnant woman were regarded as the control group. Upon validating the tools, questionnaires which was written in English and translated into Arabic language were distributed to the respondents during the conduct of the study. The first part of the questionnaire was used to determine the sociodemographic characteristics of the respondents. The second part of the questionnaire contained six (6) statements pertaining to the respondents, reproductive characteristics. The third part contained four (4) items referring to the personal and family history of hypertension. It was observed that a significant numbers of pregnant women diagnosed with hypertension in pregnancy like preeclampsia and eclampsia were admitted at the Obstetric ward of Tobruk Medical center. However little is known about the incidence of hypertension in pregnancy and the risk factors that could influence its development. Results indicated that there was a difference in the factors contributing to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy between the non-hypertensive and hypertensive respondents in terms of their socio-demographic, reproductive characteristics, and personal and family history of hypertension.

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