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Extraction and characterization of bio lubricant properties of breadfruit oil as substitute for mineral oil lubrication of food machines


A. C. Umezuruike and T.U. Nwabueze

The suitability of Treculiaafricana oil for lubrication was evaluated using the physio-chemical characteristics of extracted oil of roasted African breadfruit seeds. The physiochemical properties of the oil assessed were Relative Density, Acid value, Free fatty, Acid value, Saponification value, Iodine value, Peroxide value and Unsaponifiable matter. Standard methods of analysis were used for the evaluation of physico-chemical properties. Result of the physiochemical properties of the oil were 0.91 Relative density; 2.50 mgkOHg-1, Acid value; 0.94% free fatty acid; 257.10 µgKCHg-1, saponification value; 1.99gKg-1, Unsaponifiable matter; 16.70wijs iodine value; 0.95mgEkg-1 Peroxide value. These results compared favourably with mean industrial standards of 0.1 Total Acids; 1.25% free fatty acids, 1.0 mEqkg-1 Peroxide value. Iodine (<111.0 wijs) Peroxide (<1.0 MEq) and Unsaponifiable matter (<19.0g) values of Treculia africana oil indicated premium quality above industrial specifications. Results revealed the high thermal operation range, applicability under extreme conditions, extended oil drain, improved lubrication with efficient flow characteristics of Treculia africana oil. Treculia africana seed oil is an important opportunity for exploitation in global bio-degradable oil lubricant solutions.

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