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Environmental and social studies education: A collaborative approach towards building an environmentally friendly society


Edinyang Sunday David, Eneji Chris-Valentine Ogar, Tijani O. Abdulgafar and Dunnamah, A.Y

This paper reveals the mutual link between social studies and environmental education and the effective utilization of such relationship to the realization of a worthwhile environment in Nigeria. It is agreed that man influences environment and environment, to certain extent dictates man’s activities. Based on this, curriculum planners recognized the importance of a clean and safe environment that is why environmental studies are taught at the tertiary levels of our education system. One therefore wonders why environmental education is not reflected as a curriculum package at the post-primary level. Thus, environmental education is very important especially, at the era of “Re-branding Nigeria project” to sensitize the Nigeria populace of the danger of unsafe environment and project image to the outside would. In the light of this, the paper further stressed that environment issues call for a collaborative curriculum approach to correct the negative behaviour of man by building an environmental friendly society. In essence, the paper discusses environmental education, man and his environment, environmental problems in Nigeria, link between social studies and environmental education and collaborative approach as a solution to environmental problems. Some recommendations such as a call for separate environmental education curriculum were made to conclude the paper

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