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Emerging issues in the practice of university learning and teaching: challenges and way forward for improving medical training in Nigeria


Abdulraheem I.S., Musa O.I., Oladipo A.R.

Greater numbers of medical institutions in Nigeria are currently experiencing difficulties in providing the right quality and quantity of education due to underfunding, inadequate and obsolete facilities, absence of experienced and dedicated teachers, increased cost of schooling, lack of update training for teachers, students over population and rapidly deteriorating good morals and core values. The necessary shift from traditional approach to a need-based approach requires a fundamental change of the roles and commitments of educators, planners and policymakers. Teachers of health professional education in Nigeria are to be well-informed of the current information and innovations and utilize these to increase relevance and quality of education to produce competent human resources for the country. The objectives of this paper are: (i) to discuss innovative strategies and emerging trends, which have been successfully adopted by educators around the world for the reorientation of medical education to overcome the above mentioned problems of educational planning, review and development and (ii) to highlight the implications and the importance to initiate need-based reforms of medical training in Nigeria.

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