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Effects of experimental variables on the malting quality of Nigerian yellow maize (zea Mays), farz 27 variety


Iwouno, J. O and Ojukwu M.

In advance to the search for a reliable standard substitute for barley as a principal carbohydrate raw material for beer production. Yellow maize (Farz 27) variety was malted using varying steeping time (30hours, 36hours, 42hours).Germination time (3days, 4days, 5days) and kilning temperature (500c, 550c, 600c). Steeping time, Germination time and kilning temperature had significant effect on response variables; Diastatic power (DP), the Cold Water Extract (CWE), Hot Water Extract (HWE). The CWE and HWE improved progressively with increasing steeping time and Germination time. Steeping time of 42h, 5days of germination and kilning at 550c were good for the development of Diastatic power. DP, CWE, and HWE. However, kilning at 500c gave the best result of 39.05 ± 4.22% CWE, 220.00 ± 71.39%/kg HWE, and 26.73 ± 2.870L of Diastatic power

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