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Effects of computer-based constructivist instruction on students��? achievement and interest in biology


Esther E. Ekon and Nkoyo B. Edem

The study was aimed at comparing the effects of the constructivist instructional strategy supplemented by the use of textbooks and charts with a constructivist instructional model supplemented by a number of materials downloaded from the internet to determine which method facilitates greater learning. The sample of the study consisted of one hundred and thirty eight (138) senior secondary II (SS 2) students in Calabar South Local Government Area. Two instruments, namely, An Interest Inventory (All) and Constructivist Biology Achievement Test (CBAT) developed by the researchers, were validated and used for the study. Two research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study; a nonequivalent, pretest-post quasi experimental design was employed. Two intact classes were used from two different schools purposively sampled, one as experimental and the other as the control group. The experimental group received treatment with the use of computer while the control group received treatment with the use of textbooks and charts. Independent t-test statistical analysis was used. The results indicated that, there was no significant difference in the mean achievement scores of both the control and experimental groups. However, there was a significant difference in the mean interest score in favour of the experimental group. The findings of this study implied that knowledge can easily be gained if the students are actively involved in the classroom and their interest in the subject is aroused. The researchers recommend among others that the use of activity-based, child-centred instructional methods like Computer-based Constructivist Approach or any other constructivist model should be used in the teaching of science subjects especially biology since it enhances better achievement and evokes the students’ interest in biology. It was also recommended that the government should organize in–service training programmes and refresher courses to create awareness on the new instructional strategies and improve their competencies in helping students understand scientific concepts with ease. ICT has been integrated into the new curriculum in secondary schools, it was recommended also that the capacity of teachers needs be built up to meet up with this challenge; the government should therefore assist teachers to buy computers with internet facilities as well as sponsor their attendance to conferences and workshops that could update their knowledge in line with current demands.

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