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Effect of differentiated instruction on the academic achievement of Nigerian secondary school biology students


Abigail M. Osuafor and 1Ebele C. Okigbo

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Differentiated Instruction on the academic achievement of Senior Secondary One biology students. One research question and one null hypothesis guided the conduct of the study. The design was quasi experimental that employed a pretest, post-test non-randomised equivalent groups. A total of 67 biology students found in two intact classes in two randomly selected schools were used for the study. A researcher developed instrument, Biology Achievement Test was validated and used for data collection. The instrument had a reliability coefficient of 0.86. Data were analysed using mean and ANOVA. Results showed that a significant difference exists between the achievement of students taught with differentiated instruction method and those taught with conventional method. The study recommended among other things that Biology teachers should be trained on how to use differentiated instruction method in teaching biology.

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