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Ecomonitoring of Climate Impact on Earthen Pond Water Quality in El-Fayoum, Egypt


Zakia. A.M. Ahmed* and Hisham. A. Abdel-Rahman

Under field conditions, earthen ponds in AlFyoum province, Egypt (sizes, cultured species, use of aerators and fertilizers and disinfection program,) were investigated during summer, spring and autumn. Impact of seasonal alteration and ponds management on water physicochemical characters and microbial burden were investigated. Spring season characterized by significant differences between ponds in values of TS, TSS, TDS, EC., Alkalinity., pH , PO4 -, TAN , Salinity ,COD, Hardness and Chlorides Vs autumn and summer. Autumn showed highest values of Total Coliform Count in 7/10 of ponds. Spring had highest total fungal count (TFC) in 6 /10 of ponds. The seasonal alteration didn’t reveal significant differences in values of microbial load in all ponds except for Total Coliform Count which decreased significantly during spring Vs autumn. It's recommended to examine water periodically, public awareness to minimize recirculating water between ponds or at least increase rate of water exchange and use of aerators, as well as liming or alternative disinfectants between crops. Owners must be alert to the expected seasonal alteration on the water quality of earthen ponds aquaculture from the economic aspect.

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