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International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science

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Distribution of zinc in maize plants as a function of soil and foliar Zn supply


Ana Carolina Feitosa de Vasconcelos, Clístenes Williams Araújo Nascimento, Fernando Ferreira da Cunha Filho

Zinc is an essential micronutrient for the regular and healthy growth and reproduction of plants, animals and humans and it is obtained from daily dietary intakes Therefore, the deficiency of this nutrient is a consequence of its low concentration in food. In this sense, increasing the density and the bioavailability of Zn in edible parts of plants is fundamental to produce better crops. The objectives of the study were to investigate the zinc (Zn) uptake by maize plants after fertilization with Zn either via soil or via foliage. It was carried out a greenhouse pot experiment using a Typic Hapludox. Maize plants were harvested 100 days after seeding and Zn concentrations were determined in leaves and roots. The experimental design consisted of five doses of Zn applied via soil as well as via foliar, with three replications, totaling 30 experimental samples. Zinc was applied as zinc sulfate solution in the foliage at the third and fifth weeks after seeding. The zinc sulfate solution was applied to soil before seeding. The Zn concentrations in roots and shoots of plants were analyzed. The results were submitted to ANOVA and regression using the software SAS. Zinc concentrations in maize were increased at 5% of significance by F test by the application of Zn doses in soil and in the foliage. The application in soil was more effective than in the foliage.

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