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Diagnosis of food safety management systems performance in food processing sectors for export and domestic markets


Jamal B. Kussagaab, Pieternel Ac. Luning, Liesbeth Jacxsens, Bendantunguka P.M. Tiisekwa

This study provides the comparison of the performance of current food safety management systems (FSMS) of food processing companies for export (fish) and domestic markets (dairy). The FSMSdiagnostic instrument was applied to assess the levels in context riskiness, FSMS activities, and food safety performance of 14 fish and 22 dairy companies in Tanzania. Fish companies revealed average FSMS and medium-good food safety performance, while dairy companies indicated basic FSMS and poor food safety performance. However, the FSMS of both sectors operated in moderate-risk context. Both sectors need specific measures to improve their FSMS and reduce the risk-level of the context to guarantee food safety. The measures to reduce context riskiness include putting high and specific requirements on operators’ competence level, describing all activities in standard operating procedures, and setting requirements on product use by major customers. The measures to enhance FSMS performance include use of industrial cooling facilities, hygienic design, strict raw material control, specific sanitation programmes, and analysis of critical control point. Dairy companies need to set-up assurance activities including validation, verification, documentation, and record-keeping system. However, enabling regulatory environment is required for the food industry, particularly the domestic market sectors, to improve FSMS and guarantee food safety.

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