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Development and validation of academic-success barrier battery


Animasahun, R.A.

The paper discussed the scientific processes for the development and validation of the Academic- Success Barrier Battery (ASB2) for measuring and remediating students’ self created obstacles to their academic-success. The sample for the study was 1,200 randomly selected secondary school-going adolescents in Nigeria, comprising males and females. Their ages ranged between 12 and 21years, with a mean of 16.5years. The internal consistency for the 14 subscales ranged between .6600 and .8770, while the Cronbach alpha (a) was between .7709 and .9317 for the subscales; and the coefficient of the full scale was .7975. The significant inter-factor correlation coefficient obtained attested to the construct validity of the scales. The relevance of the inventory to psychologists, school counselors, all kinds of researchers and other stakeholders were discussed.

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