Corruption in Ghanaian healthcare system: the consequences | 18001
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Corruption in Ghanaian healthcare system: the consequences


Pius Agbenorku

In philosophical, theological or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law. Corruption affects both developing and developed countries and all sectors of development negatively and of gl obal concern. This study seeks to expound on corruption in the healthcare sector and the vari ous consequences associated with it. A descriptive study involving questionnaires were adm inistered to persons between the ages of 20-59 in the Kumasi Metropolis. This current study showed th at corruption exists in all units of the healthcare sector and is costly to human life. Reso urces are either over or under utilized in sectors where corruption exists. Also, most people especial ly the poor are exploited. Education is a necessary tool to sensitize the public and help figh t this “norm”.

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