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Being Empathetic, the Way of Confucius


Kim Cheng Patrick Low

One’s life and the lives of others would certainly be better when one is empathetic when interacting with others; one puts oneself in other’s shoes as well as feel for others. In this article, the practitioneracademician examines the various ways of increasing one’s empathy via the Old Master’s teachings. The paper bears a modern relevance, and this is truly a very interesting proposal and standpoint since most people would have thought of the Old Master as developing and nurturing one’s benevolence or ren. In any case, empathy is linked to being benevolent or showing loving-kindness to one’s fellow human beings. Among other things, the key Confucian ways of raising one’s empathy are: knowing oneself, listening to others (the other party: OP) and knowing the OP as well as doing what the OP is doing. In the latter point, some relevant elements of body language are also discussed.

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