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Behaviour of Pepper Cultivar (Capsicum annum) to Seed Development, Maturation, Dormancy and Vigour


Yisa, P. Z., Oladiran, J. A., Kolo, D. H.,Ahmed, M., Tswanya, M.N and Nda, S.L

‘Tswanboa’ and ‘Yiringi’ cultivars of pepper (Capsicum annuum) were grown at the Department of Crop Production experimental site of Federal University of Technology, Minna. The effects of harvesting fruits at different ages after anthesis on fruit, seed attributes and seed germination, were studied. Fruits were harvested at 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44 and 48 days after anthesis. Parameters such as fruit length, fruit diameter, fruit fresh weight, fresh seed weight, dry seed weight, 100-seed weight and seed germination were measured. The results of this study revealed a general increase in dry seed weight per fruit and 100-seed weight in the two cultivars. Pepper seeds extracted from fruits 48 days after anthesis in both cultivars gave higher percentage germination than those from fruits harvested at earlier stages when the test was carried out immediately after harvest. When seeds were stored for six weeks after harvest, a decline in viability was recorded in cvar. ‘Tswanboa’ while an improvement in germination (attributed to dormancy depletion) was recorded in cvar. ‘Yiringi’. In both cultivars, seed from fully ripe fruits still gave the highest germination after storage.

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