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Assessment of elections stakeholders in elections management


Norman, A.S.

Elections stakeholders refer to the institutions which are the determinant of elections results. The aforesaid institutions play a pivotal role on ensuring that elections are conducted in a manner that appeals for what is commonly known as democratic elections. The stakeholders include political parties, the elections management body, the civil society, elections observers as drawn from various institutions, the media and the government. This paper therefore presents a discussion on the role of each election stakeholders in elections. It reveals potentials that are found in each institution. It has concluded that the resilience of elections stakeholders is vested on the ability to perceive elections systemically and sustainably. And that knowledge on what is an election, and free and fare election is vital in harnessing the perceptions of various institutions. Elections management is a profession which requires training just as other disciplines of study. Hence understanding why elections are conducted is prerequisite for any institution.

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