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Application electropoint medical specialty by R. Voll to discover the utilization of narcotic and alternative mind-expanding substances within the sub-experts before testing on medical instrument.


Viktor V. Suzuki

In the study, we used the «Elena» device. The method is based on R. Volt electro puncture diagnostics, which is allowed for use.
Created electronic homeopathic analogues of narcotic substances (markers) in various dilutions (potencies), which not only solved the problem of diagnosis, but also to determine the approximate time of use of these substances.
We expand the scale of the measuring scale to 80 conventional units, regardless of the initial measured level of the current point found for electro point diagnostics on R. Vole.
After that, a test drug is injected into the measuring circuit, which marks the presence or absence of the investigated fact of drug use, and repeated measurement by pumping. If the value obtained on the scale of the device is less than 80 conventional units, then the test is considered positive ("yes", it was the use of narcotic substance), if it returns to the initial level - negative ("no", there was no fact of use of narcotic substance). The list of drugs in the electronic selector consisted of narcotic and toxic substances.
Thus, using the highly sensitive R. Vole method of electro point diagnostics, it is possible to detect not only the fact of drug use (most accurately during the last year), but also the presence of drug use in the distant past, with an approximate duration of the last use, single or multiple use.

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