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Antimicrobial activity of aqueous and ethanol leafextracts of Cassia alata on some clinical bacteria isolates


Okoko, F.J.

Aqueous and ethanol leaf extracts of Cassia alata, and Tetracycline, Ampicilin and Chloramphenicol were evaluated for their antimicrobial activities against Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aerugenisa, Serratia marcescens and Proteus mirabilis. These were done by taking the aqueous and organic leaf extracts of the plant at a concentration of 50mg/ml, 40mg/ml, 20mg/ml and 10mg/ml and its activity was recorded by estimating zones of inhibition as produced by disc-diffusion method on Mauler-Hinton agar. Klebsiella pneumoniae was not inhibited by both aqueous and ethanol leaf extracts at the concentrations used for this study. The ethanol leaf extract of the plant exhibited antimicrobial activity to S. aureus, P. aerugenosa, S. marcescens and P. mirabilis with corresponding zones of inhibition range between 0.04mm and 24.00mm. However the aqueous leaf extract was found equally efficacious but only to P. aerugenosa, S. marcescens and P. mirabilis with zones of inhibition range between 05.00mm and 22.00mm for the different organisms. No antimicrobial activity was observed at 10mg/ml concentration ethanol extract as well as 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml aqueous leaf extracts. All the test organisms were inhibited by Tetracycline, Ampicillin and Chloramphenicol

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