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Anatomical variations of the musculoskeletal system - A review of literatures


Imosemi I. O. and Atiba F. A

The musculoskeletal system developed from the m esoderm. However, some bones at the base of the skull and facial musculature are derived from the neur al crest cells (ectoderm). The skeleton, joints and associated muscles, form the locomotor system which can be used either to move the whole or parts of the body in relation to its surroundings or to exert pressure or tension on external objects or internal organs. There are striking individual differences in the musculoskeletal system in spite of basic similarity of structures within specie, hence, the review of the anatomical variations of the musculoskeletal system. Textbooks descriptions howeve r are meant to represent the condition in the majority of individuals. Muscles are subject to variation and books have been written about their variations. This review, consisting of literature search of journals and chapters in books aims at highlighting variation in the musculoskeletal system of humans which will contribute to knowledge in the teaching of gross and comparative anatomy. Anatom ical variations is of both surgical and academic interest and important when studying entrapment syndrome and reconstructive surgery in patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

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