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Analysis and evaluation of new calculus textbook of mathematics strand's third grade in high school


Fatemeh Mohabbati and Mohsen Rostamy-Malkhalifeh

Changing educational system exist suitable opportunity until it ripen review in curriculum and mathematical context in high school. In Iran, this matter has importance, because of focusing on educational system and lack of various educational media of textbook. In fact, one of the powerful improved mathematics educations is production of curriculum and suitable mathematics sub-materials and compilation of textbook proper in regard to designed needs. The aim of this study is analysis and evaluation of new calculus textbook of mathematics strand's third grade in high school. Research method is experimental and through cluster sampling on 40 teachers and 24 students thereby two instruments; questionnaire of teachers and calculus and geometry exams and also using One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, one sample sign test and independent samples T-test in meaningful level of 0.05, we shown that teachers did not agree to respected period of time for instruction of this book and they believed to low period of time. They believed that context of textbook in relation to pre-taught contents and teachers can use active instruction methods and invitation of cooperation of students. In second and third chapters of textbook, practices and problems have harmony to context of textbook but this harmony does not observe in fourth and fifth chapters. Results of students' marks shown that marks' mean of students had not change to new textbook and it do not observe considerable improvement. Keywords: Analysis, evaluation

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