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Adjunctive use of methotrexate in the management of advanced abdominal pregnancy: a case report and literature review


Nicholas Oriaifo, A. I. Njoku, S. E. Oriaifo, Maris O. Oriaifo

Abdominal pregnancy still represents an enigma because of the diagnostic conundrum precluding early intervention. Newer diagnostic techniques, especially Magnetic Resonance Imaging which removes much of the confusion surrounding abdominal pregnancy, are yet to be readily available in developing economies. The really vexed issue surrounding advanced abdominal pregnancy revolves around the best way to deal with the placenta which could partially or totally separate anytime before term leading to torrential haemorrhage and increased maternal morbidity and mortality. Case report presented is the adjunctive use of methotrexate to aid the autolysis of the placenta left in situ after laparotomy in a 22-year old Nigerial nullipara with advanced abdominal pregnancy. Methotrexate, by aiding in the earlier involution of the placenta, may be important in improving the rate of early recovery of patients and reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with advanced abdominal pregnancy.

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