Acute and sub-acute toxicities of hamegonorrhea, a herbal go | 16971
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Acute and sub-acute toxicities of hamegonorrhea, a herbal gonorrhea mixture


Otimenyin, S. O. Olorunfemi, P.O., Sabo, Y, S., and Edache J. N.

Hamegonorrhea herbal preparation is used in Nigeria, West Africa, for the management of gonorrhea and related infection. The safety profile of Hamegonorrhea was studied in wistar rats. Safety profiles were investigated by determining the acute and sub-acute toxicity of Hamegonorrhea. Oral LD50 obtained from this study revealed that the herbal preparation is relatively safe at 5000 mg/Kg. Animals subjected to daily doses of this Hamegonorrhea for 28 days did not show any sign of toxicity or death. The heamatological indices obtained revealed that the PCV, clotting time, blood cells counts were not significantly altered during the treatment period. Liver enzymes, ALT, AST, and ALP were not affected by the medicinal plant preparation. Kidney function, which was evaluated using creatinine clearance and histology was found to be preserved. The gastro-intestinenal integrity was also preserved after the 28 days treatment period. The result obtained suggests that heamagonnorhea herbal preparation has good safety profile.

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