Academic Advisor in Faculties of Nursing in Egypt | 17140
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Academic Advisor in Faculties of Nursing in Egypt


Eman Salman Mohamed Taie and Regina E. Dorman

Academic advising is an ongoing interactive process involving the student, advisor and institution. The present study aimed to explore the role of academic advisor in faculties of nursing in Egypt. It is a quasi- experimental study. This was conducted in all faculties of nursing both governmental and private universities. Subjects were composed of three groups, academic staff in faculties of nursing, students in different faculties of nursing all over Egypt, and jury group. Two types of Questionnaire formats were used plus Opinionnaire format in collecting data for this study. According to the study findings, it is concluded that there was a high significant difference between academic staff’s knowledge about academic advising before and after awareness sessions. The academic staff’s knowledge about roles and responsibilities of the academic advisor, advisee and college was poor before awareness sessions. Also, students perceived the role of the academic advisor passively before awareness sessions. Finally, the proposed booklet and module for academic advising were valid both in structure and content.

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