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A study on the job redesign model for human resources development of mentally disabled individuals for the convenience store industry in Taiwan


Hsu-neng Chen, Shi-Jer Lou, Wen-chu Chiang

This study constructed a model for introducing mentally disabled human resources into the Taiwanese convenience store industry. It explored the conversion of supported employment counseling techniques for “job redesign” (of operational techniques and in-store applications) for the mentally disabled in convenience stores. This study recruited 30 research subjects and applied a mixed research method as the framework for exploring the constructed training model. A questionnaire survey and a statistical analysis were conducted to evaluate the effects; they were supplemented with observational records and interview content used to summarize various qualitative data and conclusions. The research results showed—with a job responsibility analysis and deconstruction—that designing and constructing training courses and simple aids for research subjects (based on their work needs) can allow mentally disabled employees to be productive in convenience stores. This training model is affirmed by all of the case employers, and it benefits the employment intentions of the disabled case employees themselves.

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