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A comparison between student ratings and faculty selfratings at School of Pharmacy in AJUMS in Iran


Abdol-Hossein Shakurnia and Masoud Ali Karami

The objective of this study was designed to compare the faculty self-ratings with the student ratings at school of pharmacy in AJUMS in 2009. This study was designed as a descriptive cross-sectional study. All 180 students and 25 faculty members of the school of pharmacy were participated in the study. Both groups accomplished the same questionnaire including 15 evaluation items. The questionnaire was based on 5-point, Likert scale from poor to excellent (1 to5). The mean of faculty self-ratings was 4.52±0.34 and of student ratings was 4.04±0.39, (p<0.001). 92.6% of faculty members evaluated themselves as excellent (more than 4). However, 48.1% of students evaluated their faculties as excellent (more than 4). Correlation between student ratings and faculty self-ratings was 0.40(p=0.039). Faculty self-ratings and the evaluation of faculty teaching by students was significantly different. It means that either the methods of teaching were not satisfied to the students or the faculty members were selfcentered. The reason of this discrepancy should be considered in next studies.

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