A case study of site investigation for Tunnel in North West | 18325
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A case study of site investigation for Tunnel in North West Sub Himalayas (Pallandri area Azad Jammu and Kashmir)


Waqar Khalid*, Sardar Hashim Abbas Khan*, Shahzaib Malik, Amir Saeed

The study area is situated in the Sub-Himalayas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in District Sudhnoti near Pallandri city. The main purpose of study is to give a research proposal to construct a short traffic tunnel project in realization Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan Himalaya and to reduce the route of cities that are located in Sudhnoti District. Untill recently, numerous hydro tunnels were leading Himalaya tunneling industry for last decades. Traffic tunnels now are being constructed with the collaboration of international contractors. The route from Islamabad to Rawalakot includes lots of mega and mini projects that are under construction. Azad pattan hydropower project, Azad Pattan landslide management and renovation of Gui Nala to Rawalakot road is one of them. Despite all these developments there is no appropriate source that could facilitate and link nearby cities and towns but this tunnel could be the reason for the mobility of people and equipment from Pallandari to Rawalakot, Azad Pattan and Islamabad. It will help urbanization and economical aspect of the region. Furthermore, this research is based on structural and stratigraphic exploration of study area. The project area is surrounded by Salt Range Thrust to the South, Jhelum Fault to the West, Riasi thrust to the East, and it lies in the south of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxes. The major folds in this area are Dhardarch Syncline, Pallandari Anticline and Chechhan Anticline.

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