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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 1(10), pp. 561-567 December 2010         
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Political apparatchiks and governance in Ghana’s fourth republic

Ransford Edward Van Gyampo

Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, P.O.Box LG 64, Legon-Accra-Ghana.



Received  25 October, 2010; Accepted 27 November, 2010 


Political apparatchiks play a major role in ensuring the electoral victory of their respective political parties. They are also expected to strive hard to keep their parties in power to ensure that they deliver on their promises to make the life of the ordinary citizenry more comfortable and decent. However, their activities sometimes pose a severe challenge to governance. Using Ghana’s Fourth Republic as a cases study, this paper discusses the evolution and role of political apparatchiks and the challenges their activities pose to governance in Ghana.


Keywords: Apparatchiks; Governance; Ghana; Fourth Republic

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