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The Language situation among the Circassians of Jordan

Doaʾa  F.  Al-Momani*1 and Siham  M.  Al-Momani

*1Al Balqa' Applied University (Jordan)

2Department of Allied Medical Sciences, Al Balqa' Applied University (Jordan)

*Corresponding Author`s E-mail:



In this paper, we examine the language situation among the Circassians of Jordan within the framework of previous theories on language maintenance and shift as proposed by Fishman. The study investigates factors influencing the sample responses toward importance and usefulness of the Arabic and Circassian languages. Convenience sample include 100 subject selected by five in group persons. Data collected by means of a questionnaire developed and used by previous investigators. Results indicate that Arabic is used by the respondents for various functions and Circasssian is used in very restricted social domains. Evidence is represented that the overwhelming majority of the Circassians agree that it is important for them to speak in both Arabic as a means of communication, and Circassian as an important symbol of their identity. These results indicate that the Circassians of Jordan are experiencing a process of language shift which appears to be in its initial position, as most of them appear to be less proficient in their language. They also indicate that the younger generation (forty years or below) of Circassians show a stronger tendency toward shifting their speech than the older generation (forty years or above).

Keywords: Language shift, language maintenance, language domains, immigration.

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