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Zagloel Dachyar

Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia


  • Perspective   
    Strategy for economical business: A publicly supported system
    Author(s): Zagloel Dachyar

    Feasible business venture can add to supportable advancement by looking for collaborations between friendly, ecological and monetary results, transforming market disappointments into business valuable open doors. Notwithstanding, institutional circumstances frequently act to hinder practical business people. While strategy is instrumental in molding conditions for business, how strategy can best help feasible endeavors explicitly is under-explored. This study utilizes a novel publicly supporting methodology with numerous entertainers in the manageable business venture biological system to investigate how strategy can make conditions helpful for practical business venture. A new staggered arrangement system frames six instruments by which this might be accomplished: asset prioritization, capability building, maintainable market creation, organized sharing, cooperative replication, and .. View More»
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