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William Mark

Department of Art and social science United States, United States


  • Mini Review   
    The Mini review of utilization of online entertainment advances among youth
    Author(s): William Mark* and John Dick

    This exploratory review report discoveries on the profile of Malaysian youthful grown-ups age 20 to 24, otherwise called the Generation Y or potentially the millennial age, with exceptional respect to their utilization of Internet and virtual entertainment advances. Information was gathered from 379 youth from a public Malaysian college across six schools of concentrates in a Malaysian public exploration based college: the Academy of Islamic Studies, School of Economics and Administration, School of Engineering, School of Education, School of Business and Accountancy, and School of Arts and Social Sciences. Discoveries show that the most favored exercises are online correspondence and socialization, followed on exploring on unambiguous data to finish tasks, "how-to" and "DIY" data. The most un-favored movement is purchasing things, for example, books and dress on t.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2276-6502.2022.65

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