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Shrishtika Singh

Department of Pediatrics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Mini Review   
    Bufalin\'s Pro Government Adenocarcinoma Molecular and Metabolic Mechanisms: Fresh and Detailed Data from Network Pharmacology, Metabolomics, and Molecular Biology Investigations
    Author(s): Shrishtika Singh*

    By a thorough approach incorporating network pharmacology, metabolomics, and molecular biology verification, this study seeks to assess the therapeutic efficacy and mechanism of bufalin on lung cancer. The Swiss Target Prediction database and Pharm Mapper were used to identify the possible targets of bufalin. Target filtering of the Gene Card database and data mining of the GEO database were used to find LUAD-related targets. The core targets were screened using a PPI network, and the clinical importance of each target was evaluated using a number of open databases. To find potential enrichment of genes with particular biological topics, GO and KEGG pathway studies were carried out. To ascertain the correlation and binding pattern between bufalin and core targets, molecular docking and molecular dynamics modelling were used. The network-predicted methods via which bufalin affects LUAD.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/irjbcs.2023.28

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