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Shinde H.P

Department of Botany, K.V. N. Naik Arts Commerce and Science College, Nasik, Maharashtra, India


  • Full Length Research Paper   
    Studies on ethnomedicinal plant diversity at daund tehsil, Pune, Maharashtra
    Author(s): Samudra S.M and Shinde H.P*

    India is rich in biodiversity and considered to be a storehouse of medicinal plants. The diversity of indigenous and endemic medicinal plants has contributed a lot to the practice of herbal/traditional medicines by local tribal communities. It has been observed that valuable information about the diverse ethnomedicinal plantspecieslocated at the particular area is accumulated traditionally at the local herbal healers or medicine men “Vaidu” by whom; this valuable information is hardly shared with others, due to which the vast treasure of ethnomedicinal knowledge is eroding gradually, also triggered by modernization, rapid socioeconomic changes etc. As a part of participatory efforts towards creating awareness about medicinal utilities of plants and need of conservation; a periodic survey was carried out in and around Daund tehsil to record the diversity of ethnomedical pla.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/irjps.2021.002

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