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Department of anthropology and Social Science Research, Albania


  • Review Article   
    The Evolution of Linguistics: A Critical Review of Key Theories and Paradigms
    Author(s): Shadwy*

    This review article critically examines the evolution of linguistics by analyzing the key theories and paradigms that have shaped the field over time. The article begins by discussing the origins of linguistics, tracing its roots to ancient civilizations, and then moves on to the structuralist and generativist approaches that dominated the mid- 20th century. The article also explores the emergence of functionalism, cognitive linguistics, and sociolinguistics, and examines their contributions to our understanding of language. The article concludes by discussing the current state of linguistics, highlighting some of the major debates and challenges facing the field today. Through this critical review, the article seeks to provide insights into how linguistics has evolved and how it might continue to evolve in the future... View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2276-6502.2023.92

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