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Raymond White

Department of Health and Nursing, USA


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    Midwifery Practice and Education: Current Challenges and Opportunities
    Author(s): Justin Thomas* and Raymond White

    This article centers around maternity care as one answer for large numbers of the issues that stand up to contemporary American obstetrics. Reported proof with memorable point of view that upholds the view that birthing assistance ought to turn into the standard in maternity care in the United States, not another option, is introduced. The job distinctions and clashes that will generally emerge among specialists and birthing assistants are examined and coordinated effort between the two expert gatherings is recommended at this point one more answer for the issue Maternity care clinical practice and schooling has changed altogether since Mary Breckinridge previously acquainted nurture birthing specialists with the United States in 1925. This article examines current difficulties in birthing assistance clinical practice and schooling and proposes potential arrangeme.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/jrnm.2022.13.

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