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Prodipta Roychowdhury

Department of Botany, Synergy Institute of Science and Management, Utkal University, India


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    Molecular pharming for the betterment of crop yielding
    Author(s): Shalini Das*, Prodipta Roychowdhury and Upasana Banerjee

    Molecular farming is a field linked to plant biotechnology which forms a major part of agricultural biotechnology. It combines the use of plants and techniques of biotechnology for the production of valuable proteins or other metabolites which are pharmaceutically and industrially important. The method helps in the creation, conservation, and utilization of genetic variation for the improvement of crop species. Molecular farming is executed by the methods of stable gene transfer, such as gene transfer to nuclei and plastid; transient transformation of crop species like viral vectors and Agrobacterium mediated transformation; and cell suspension technique. Transgenic plants as bioreactors have been the subject of worthwhile recognition concerning their advantages, such as the safety of recombinant proteins (antibodies, enzymes, vaccines, growth factors, etc.) that are free of mammalian.. View More»
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