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Mariya Daniel

Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Food and Health, School of Applied Sciences, State University of Campinas, Limeira, SP, Brazil


  • Mini Review   
    Human Lung Adenocarcinoma-Derived A549 Clones: Gene Expression
    Author(s): Mariya Daniel*

    The GenSensor Suite consists of four online applications to elucidate connections between genes and proteins. When compared to a background list, GenPath's results show if certain categories of biochemical, regulatory, or other gene sets are over- or underrepresented in an input list. Along with all of the usual gene sets that may be searched, GenPath also provides several unique gene sets. Users can add original backdrop lists. GenPath is used to assess the interaction gene list that GenInteract generates from a single input gene. GenPubMed uses a PubMed query to locate the collection of PubMed IDs in order to derive a gene list from it and query it in GenPath (Kondo H et al., 2015). One gene set can be compared to another in GenPath by GenViewer users. Stem cell therapy appears to have promise for regenerating damaged or irreparable lung tissue. It is difficult to create a simpl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2250-9941.2022.34

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