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Makweti Lutangu

IPB University, Bogor, Ghana


  • Editorial   
    Music Reliefs Stress & Anxiety during COVID 19
    Author(s): Makweti Lutangu*

    Fighting against anxiety caused by COVID nineteen pandemic is inevitable to mental state programs in each country amid this pandemic circumstance. A 2019 study found that music encourages the discharge of Dopastat within the synapses of the brain. Intropin could be a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in our psychological feature, emotional and behavioural functioning referred to as the “happy hormone”. It helps produce the sensation of enjoyment. Whereas we've got long best-known that music improves mood, there’s increasing proof that it may also contribute to mental & physical health. Being COVID nineteen front warriors, Doctors and police personnel undergo exhausting work schedules stretching up to twelve hours or a lot of daily and lots of them area unit finding music medical care a tool to ease their stress levels. Once the body is stressed, it'.. View More»

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