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James Martin

Department of environmental science and technology, United States


  • Mini Review   
    Institutional perspectives on integrating environmental and social science for problem-driven research
    Author(s): James Martin*

    The Research and Development, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States is working toward solutions-driven research and interdisciplinary integration. This article discusses the lessons learned from other federal agencies attempting to integrate social and biophysical research as well as the history of this process: finding the right mix of approaches from the top down and the bottom up; achieving a balance between the goals of scientific advancement and/or programmatic operation support; using methods from social science to guide the process; and involving a variety of stakeholders. Success is aided by paying attention to the social context of scientific practice, including how research is conducted and used. The following are three methods for supporting solution-driven environmental research by integrating the social sciences: incorporating social science into the re.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2276-6502.2023.79

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