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Hajime Suzuki

Department of Pharmacology, Brazil


  • Short Communication   
    Biopharmaceutics: Bridging the Gap between Drugs and Patients
    Author(s): Hajime Suzuki*

    Biopharmaceutics is an interdisciplinary field that explores the intricate relationship between pharmaceutical substances and the human body. It encompasses the study of drug properties and their behavior, including solubility, dissolution, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. These ADME properties significantly impact drug bioavailability and therapeutic response. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, core concepts in biopharmaceutics, delve into drug processing within the body and its interactions with molecular targets to produce therapeutic effects. This article highlights the importance of biopharmaceutics in drug development, formulation, and optimization. It sheds light on how biopharmaceutical factors, such as drug formulation, drugdrug interactions, genetic variability, and food-drug interactions, influence drug performance. Additionally, it emphasizes the ro.. View More»

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