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Emma Smith

Managing Editor, International Research Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies, USA


  • Editorial Note   
    Acknowledgement to Authors and Reviewers
    Author(s): Emma Smith*

    Above all else, In the interest of the entire publication board and the publisher, I extend sincere gratitude to all authors and reviewers of the International Research Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies (IRJBCS). We were able to create IRJBCS a magnificent achievement because of the writers' and reviewers' negligible coactivity excitement, and soul. Authors have been a true source of inspiration and key in setting up IRJBCS among one of the best journals for publication in the subject of Basic and Clinical Studies. I thank them all for considering and believing in IRJBCS as a stage for publishing their important work. I also like to thank all of the writers for their thoughtful cooperation throughout the many stages of the IRJBCS article processing. For the achievement of any journal, reviewers are a fundamental part and subsequently they merit earnest appreciation. In de.. View More»

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