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    Stepping up Agenda 2030 for the Attainment of Gender Parity and Sustainable Development in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A Case Study
    Author(s): Charles*

    The most necessary determinant of a country’s fight is its human talent - the abilities and productivity of its personnel. The strongest, safest and most prosperous societies square measure those within which girls square measure sceptered and therefore the genders square measure additional equal. Gender equality isn't a girls or men issue-it could be a human offering. Sequel to the adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights by international organisation in 1948, education became a veritable implementation tool for promoting and achieving gender equity, social justice, impoverishment reduction and therefore the overall advancement of ladies. This has opened the door of university education to tons of ladies in African country. As a widely known basic right that bestows on girls and men a disposition for long acquisition of data, values, attitudes, ability and s.. View More»

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